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                                                                             Field work, Vung Tau, Vietnam



The Working Group is led by Dr Philipp Schmidt-Thomé. New members should contact him at




 The main focus of the Working Group is to improve understanding of the need for, and nature of, adaptation to climate change through dissemination at workshops and lectures and in publications.




Climate change adaptation is an applied research field receiving growing attention. Since the 1990’s the discussion on climate change was dominated mainly on topics related to avoiding or reducing human induced climate change, i.e. climate change mitigation. The field of adaptation seeks to reduce human vulnerabilities to the impacts of a changing climate. Allegedly, regional development is one of the most important decision making tools that can lead to successful and sustainable climate change adaptation measures because it can steer both land use and location of settlements and buildings.


The tasks involving climate change adaptation are manifold, both in scope and time horizon, and they are to be adjusted to local cultural and physical characteristics. This working group does not intend to develop any particular adaptation practices as such. The intention is inform about best practice examples of planned or implemented adaptation measures and to make these available to an interested audience.


Activities and publications



 Presentations and dissemination activities were undertaken at:

  •  Co-operating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in South and South East Asia, CCOP annual meeting and technical session workshop, Manado, Indonesia;
  • Department of Mineral Resources (DMR)-CCOP-GTK-IUGS/GEM Joint Workshop on climate change and Natural Hazard Mitigation, Bangkok, Thailand;
  • Technical Session, South East Asia Disaster Prevention Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
  • Technical workshop, Geological Survey of Sarawak, Kuching, Malaysia;
  • Workshop on Project Proposal for Development and Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Coastal Areas in Vietnam (VIETADAPT), Vung Tau, Vietnam;
  • Master course on integrating climate change and natural hazards into planning practices, Universidad de Alicante, Spain;
  • Climate change adaptation lecture at the Aalto University, Espoo, Finland;
  • Dissemination activities at the 2nd International BaltCICA project conference, Bergen, Norway
  • Planning Master course module on climate change adaptation and natural hazards, Université du Luxembourg.
  • Dissemination on IUGS/GEM at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Analysis (PIK), Potsdam and during field work on the East German coast while developing a stakeholder oriented application of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis for climate change adaptation.
  • FRAGILE EARTH: Geological Processes from Global to Local Scales and Associated Hazards (4-7 September 2011, Munich, Germany). "Natural hazards and climate (change) adaptation - examples of interdisciplinary geoscience - decision maker cooperation".
  • Lecture at the University of Helsinki,
  • Lectures on urban risks and climate change adaptation at the Aalto University, Finland
  • Dissemination during field work in Bangkok and Vietnam
  • Dissemination in the role of external advisor at the SECOA project meeting in Jerusalem/Israel

 Major publication:

 Schmidt-Thomé, P., Klein, J. 2011. Applying Climate Change Adaptation in Spatial Planning Processes. In: Schernewski, G., Hofstede, J., Neumann, T. (eds): Global Change and Baltic Coastal Zones, Coastal Research Library-Series, Springer, Dordrecht, Vol. 1, pp 177-192.Science for Peace and Security Series. E, Human and societal dynamics 58. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 201-218.


 The Working Group contributed to the 3rd International Baltica Conference on Climate Change in Practice in Helsinki, an international conference in Finland as well as to MSc courses in Spain and Luxembourg and an advanced study course in Bangkok.

 The working group contributed to a major publication:

 Schmidt-Thomé, P and S Greiving [Eds.] 2013 European Climate Vulnerabilities and Adaptation: a spatial planning perspective J Wiley 330pp ISBN-978-0-470-97741-5


 The Climate Change Adaptation Working Group held a workshop meeting at Vung Tau and another at Hanoi, Viet Nam.

 The group commenced its input to a project on climate change adaptation in Viet Nam (VIETADAPT).

 The working group contributed to a major publication;

 Schmidt-Thomé, P and Klein, J [Eds.] 2013 Climate Change Adaptation in practice – from strategy development to implementation Wiley-Blackwell 344pp ISBN 978-0-470-97700-2


 The Working Group held seminars and workshops on the topic of climate change adaptation for the Thule Institute (Finland) the Universities of Aalto (Finland) and Alicante (Spain) and the Hanoi University of Natural Resources (Vietnam).

      Major publications:

  •      Schmidt-Thomé, P., Nguyen T. H., Pham, L.T., Jarva, J. & Nuottimäki, K. 2014/15 Climate Change Adaptation Measures in Vietnam: Development and Implementation. Springer Briefs. Accepted for publication September 2014
  •      Kovats, S., Valentini, R. (Coordinating lead authors), Bouwer, L.M., Georgopoulou, E., Jacob, D., Martin, E., Rounsevell, M. Soussana, J-F. (lead authors), Beniston, M.,  Vincenza Chiriacò, M. Cury, P.,Davies, M., Harrison, M., Jonkeren, O., Koetse, M., Lindner, M., Matzarakis, A., Mechler, R., Menzel, A., Metzger, M., Montanarella, L., Navarra, A., Peterson, J., Price, M., Revich, B., Rietveld, P., Sabbioni, C., Sarafidis, Y., Schmidt-Thomé, P., Skirbekk, V., Spano, D., Vermaat, J.E., Watkiss, P., Wilson, M., Zylicz, T. (Contributing authors). 2014. IPCC WGII Fifth Assessment Report, 23, 93.p. Geneva, Switzerland. Available under:

Planned activities

 The Working Group has secured:

  •   seminars and workshops on climate change adaptation at the Universities of Aalto (Finland) and Alicante (Spain).
  •  a meeting within the VIETADAPTII project will be held in Da Nang, Viet Nam, in October during 2015.

 Others events are planned to take place at the Hanoi University of Natural Resources (Vietnam) and probably the University of Helsinki.

 Project proposals on climate change adaptation and environmental geology have been submitted to the EU Horizon 2020 Programme and the Finland Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Positive feedback has been received but approval is still awaited.

 New research proposals will be submitted to the EU Baltic Sea Region Programme and the Central Baltic Programme for decision during 2015.

 At least one publication on climate change adaptation for municipalities in Finland and Russia is foreseen.

 Flyer and order form for the publication "Climate Change Adaptation in Practice" by Philipp Schmidt-Thome & Johannes Klein is  here.